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The Importance of Brand PPC Campaigns

Pay per click, or PPC, is an essential part of any property investment companies marketing activity. One of the most prominent forms of lead generation, it is important that you are running successful PPC campaigns to attract good quality leads.

Equally, branding plays a key role in ensuring that your company is one that is easily recognised, helping you to stand out from your competition. Most property investment companies will be focused on these two key areas of marketing, however something that is important and often overlooked, is the importance of branding when undertaking a PPC campaign.

Branding & PPC

So, what exactly do we mean by branding when it comes to PPC? There are two key techniques that you can perform to enhance and protect your brand through use of PPC ads. The first is to run a brand campaign.

Brand campaign

There are various campaign objectives when running PPC ads. Whilst your approach should be centered around generating leads, how you attract these leads will vary depending on the ads themselves.

The most popular approach, seen in the property investment sector is directly promoting your product offering using strategic keywords. This can generate engaged leads that are actively looking to invest. You may find however that your cost per lead (CPL) is higher than anticipated.

Brand PPC - Laptop

By running a brand campaign initially, usually paired with an incentive to click on your ad by offering a regional investment guide or similar, this gives the investor an opportunity to familiarise themselves with your brand. When these investors run searches for target keywords for your future campaigns, they are more likely to click on your ad as you are a familiar name.

You can also run a retargeting campaign to previous visitors from your landing page, your CPL is likely to be lower here as you are targeting visitors that have already expressed an interest in what you do. As a bonus, by obtaining an email address from your guide or similar, you can target these investors through email – something that is highly cost effective in the long run.

Protecting your brand

Running PPC ads to protect your brand is something that every property investment company should do.

You may find that, when searching for your own company on Google, your competitors are appearing above you as a search ad. This is because part of, or all your company name is being used by your competitors as keywords in their campaigns, done with the intention of hijacking traffic that is intended for your site.

You will want to ensure you are running a basic PPC campaign with exact and phrase matched keywords set to your company name. Given you have set an appropriate bid strategy, you should appear first for your company name as a search ad.

We typically don’t advise that you run the same ‘hijacking’ campaign on your competition. The cost per click (CPC) is likely to be higher than a well optimised search campaign. You should focus on keywords that are relevant to your company but also represent value for both CPC and CPL.