Introduction to PPC Leads | Property Investment Lead Generation

Investment agents need good quality leads to thrive. It is the number one factor required to succeed in this competitive market, so it can be frustrating when you are not attracting enough leads, or they are of poor quality. There are several ways that a property investment company can attract new leads, and one of the most common ways is through use of Pay Per Click (PPC).

Proper implementation of PPC can be challenging though, especially for those that have little experience in doing so. We will break down how PPC works and the benefits for a property investment company.

What is PPC?

PPC, which forms a fundamental part of search engine marketing allows you to bid for ad placement on the search results page of Google. The two most common ad types used in the property investment sector are search ads and display ads.

The placement of your ads will depend on several key factors highlighted below:

PPC - The Magic Ad Ranking Formula

Ad Rank

Ad rank is the position of your ad on the results page. An ad rank of one means you are the first ad appearing for that search query. Ad rank is determined by your maximum CPC bid and quality score.

Max CPC Bid

This is the maximum bid you specify for a keyword. It is important to identify how competitive a keyword is, and how much you are willing to spend to rank well for it.

Broad keywords such as ‘Property Investment’ will be very competitive, being a high CPC (should you want to rank well for it), so you will need to optimise your keywords.

If you are promoting a development in Manchester, for example, you could try ‘new property investment for sale Manchester’. Whilst the search volume will be lower, you will find it easier to rank for the keyphrase. You should also find the quality of the leads will improve as your offering is closer to what they are searching for.

You may need to get creative with your keywords, whilst ensuring they are closely related to your investment offering. Be sure to use Googles Keyword Planner Tool to find additional high search volume, cost-effective keywords.

Quality Score

Quality score is an estimate determined by Google based on the quality of the ad, the target keywords used and the relevance and depth of the landing page.

For context, on a 1-10 scale, the Google benchmark is a five. An ad score of 10 will see you typically paying less than 50% of the average CPC for a keyword, whilst a score of one can see you paying as much as 400% more.

To maximise your chances of a strong quality score, you need to make sure the keywords, title and content of the ad closely match your offering. In addition, you need to make sure that the page they click through to, your landing page, is content rich.

Clearly explaining on the landing page in as much detail as possible the details of your investment offering, ideally at least 1,000 words including images, should help to improve your chances of a strong quality score.

Why PPC?

In the property investment sector, when considering that a minimum of 93 percent of people use online search engines and property portals to find new property investment opportunities, PPC is a logical channel to target investors whilst they are actively searching.

PPC has the power to deliver instant results, with leads coming in from day one. It is also easy to scale (or reduce) your ad spend which is something that can be done in minutes.

When comparing the cost per lead against other popular forms of paid advertising in the property market, the data backs up what we know at REMM.

PPC - Average CPLs


The most common lead generation tactics in the property sector are usually email, PPC, paid social and PR/trade events. Though, depending on your niche, you may use any combination of the above.

When looking to generate leads immediately, social media leads are typically the cheapest but are often the least likely to convert. This does mean that converted leads through social are the most cost effective, so should make up part of your paid marketing strategy. PPC typically sits somewhere in the middle of both quantity and quality, whilst PR and trade events are often the costliest, but can generate fantastic leads that become valued return investors.

Whilst we do not recommend that PPC should be your only source of lead generation, when considering both cost and quality per lead, it should certainly form part of your wider digital marketing approach.

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