The Different Levels of PPC Leads | Property Investment Lead Generation

Property investment agents need good quality leads to thrive. So, having secured PPC leads from your new campaigns, you now need to nurture them to invest.

It is important to understand that leads will be at different stages of the investment process. Marketing and sales need to approach each lead uniquely, otherwise you risk losing a potential investor.

Most lead types will fall into one of three categories within the property investment sector.

General Leads

General leads are those that, best put, are simply testing the waters. These leads are not focused on any current development or other property investment and are very unlikely to invest in the immediate future but are far more likely to within a year.

The sales team need to ensure that they are informative but not pushy. It is likely that you will serve these leads some general marketing brochures to educate them on your investment offering as well as any specific products or regional investment guides that may be of use to them.

PPC leads - Adwords

The benefits to a property investment company here come in the form of brand repetition.

As the lead receives both informative and attractive promotional emails from yourselves over the space of weeks, months or even years, they are continually reminded of your brand, even if they are not able to invest at that time.

If a lead does become ready to invest, they are far more likely to do so with yourselves than a competitor. The repetitional marketing makes your brand the more obvious choice, with trust conveyed through the information cumulatively provided over this duration.

These leads are therefore still an important asset for your database, with the possibility of becoming repeat investors down the line once the benefits of an investment, and the trust in your company has been successfully conveyed.

Engaged Leads

Next are engaged leads. These leads are actively searching for property investment opportunities, typically with a view to purchase within the next six months.

You will often attract these leads via your PPC campaigns that are property type specific, or location focused. For example, if the lead was searching for ‘Birmingham buy to let investment’, they may have downloaded a brochure provided by yourselves on the benefits to investing in the area.

Your sales team may have a stronger chance of converting these leads into investors, with the lead being more receptive to investment opportunities. What is worth noting here is that, even if you do not have a product or development in Birmingham, for example, you can still sell developments in areas that you are promoting by converting them.

Development Focused Leads

Development focused leads are typically the most expensive PPC lead but are also the most likely to invest within a three-month period, with experience showing it can in a matter of days.

These leads have already researched property investment opportunities, decided on a specific opportunity, and have clicked on your PPC ad by searching for the development or project you are promoting.

These leads have an intention to purchase within a two-month period and are considered hot prospects. Your sales team can be more direct here and sell the benefits of investing in this development through yourselves.

Providing value in the form of bespoke benefits to investing through yourselves and providing clear lines of communication with both the lead, the developer and any other relevant parties is important. Trust can also be communicated through total finance raised or years in business, and this should help in securing a development focused lead.