Property Investment | Top Branding Tips for Property Investment Agencies

Branding plays a crucial role for any successful company. If your business is indistinguishable within your market, it is very difficult to succeed, let alone thrive. You need to ‘stand out’, and this is where branding is so important.

Many people wrongly assume that branding is simply logos and colours. Branding goes further than this, it even goes beyond simply being recognised – it is about the impact your company has on a prospective customer.

For a property investment company, it is very important that your branding is coherent and clearly conveys what you do. Below are a few branding tips to consider when attracting new investors, as well as retaining existing ones.

Build your online presence

Having your property investment company appear on social media, search engines and prominent publications online will have a fantastic boost to your brand strength. Whilst awareness isn’t everything, it helps. If a customer has seen your brand several times before their property search, they are far more likely to have trust in your company.

Ensuring the content you are sharing is of high quality and provides actual value to a prospective customer, you should see a good return on your investment. Be sure to optimise your branding by aiming to build a contact list at the same time!

Make it memorable

You need to positively distinguish yourself from others in the market, having a memorable design, logo and slogan will help to achieve this. Whilst taking inspiration from competitors is fine, try to ensure the result is an identity of your own. In the property investment sector, consider wording that is synonymous with wealth and security.

Having a backstory and a purpose will also help customers relate with your brand. Making regular pledges or profit shares to good causes will improve your brand reputation.

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Associate with strong brands

Working with other, successful brands in the wider property sector is another fantastic way to improve brand perception.

Once again working with well respected, high traffic media publications in addition to well-regarded lenders, mortgage brokers and letting agents, where applicable, by association will keep your own brand up to a higher standard.

Don’t try to please everyone

Know the niche you operate in and stick to it, trying to target every investor’s needs will almost certainly damage the strength of your brand. Focusing on one subsection of the market and doing it well will solidify your brand strength. As the company grows, you may have the opportunity to venture into other sections of the market, but the core of what you do must be your focus.

In the property sector, you simply cannot perform well in too many areas of the property market. From off plan sales to buy-to-let investments, the way each investment is carried out can vary significantly. Focus on what you do well and aim to be the best in your niche. Ultimately, you are never going to please everyone, so you must aim to be the best brand possible to a specific section of property investors.