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Top 5 Tips for Marketing UK Property Investments

Marketing in the property sector is competitive, you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to stand out in this competitive market. Below, we have prepared our top tips for marketing your property investments to attract new investors and retaining existing ones.

Content is key

High quality content is fundamental in the property investment sector. From your home page to your blog posts, having high quality content that reads well and genuinely informs the reader will be fundamental.

When promoting a new property or development, you should focus on creating original content around this. When investors use a search engine to research the project, you want to capture their interest and encourage them to your site. If you have prepared high quality content around this, you should be able to rank highly and capture these investors.

Likewise, preparing content for highly searched for topics on Google that are related to your business will help drive traffic to your site. Not only are you promoting your expertise in the market, but you can also run retargeting campaigns to previous site visitors via Google Ads to encourage an investment down the line.

Build an email database

Email marketing continues to be one of the strongest forms of lead generation in the property sector. From our experience of working with investment agencies, average open rates hover around 27%, with click through rates at about 5%. With an active email database of 10,000 as an example, that relates to 2,700 opens and 500 clicks.

Tips for Marketing Property - New Development

The results here are almost immediate. With the option of leveraging an external database or using your own, email marketing should be a priority for your marketing strategy in the property investment sector.

You should make sure that your email gives the receiver a reason to request more information. Enticing the investor with just enough information to pique their interest to request more information – from the subject line to the body text, will maximise your chances of turning the investor into a lead.

Optimise your website

A well optimised site will help to convert customers into leads. Having a site that easily navigates the visitor through to the information they require, from the available investments to the contact page, will go a long way in keeping a prospective investor engaged.

Fast site speed will also help to keep the visitor on your site, whilst also helping your search rankings. As part of Google’s algorithm, an SEO optimised site, including site speed, will help your search rankings.

Build trust with your customers

Trust is, perhaps, the single most important thing that needs to be conveyed to prospective investors in the property investment sector. Given the risk involved with investments in general, trust can make or break the success of any investment company. There are several ways that greater trust can be achieved.

Working with external professional bodies such as The Property Ombudsman and Propertymark, where applicable, will go a long way in reassuring investors that you are safe to invest with.

Positive reviews, encouraging mentions in the press and simply having open and honest communication with prospective investors will help to secure and retain investors for the long term.

Sell the benefits

Through strategic use of your marketing material, you must make the benefits of investing in this property or project through your company the obvious choice.

Applying a combination of the above tips and more, from marketing to sales, you need to convey that you are the right choice to invest with. Promoting the returns able to be achieved by investing whilst carefully creating a sense of urgency and promoting your trust and expertise in the market will be the defining factor in converting a prospect into a lead.

Here at Real Estate Marketing Media, we have decades of collective experience successfully promoting property investments, getting your investment in front of the right audience. Get in touch here to find out how we can help you level up your marketing, we would love to hear from you!