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Top 5 SEO Tips for Property Investment Agencies

As touched on in our recent post introduction to SEO, your SEO strategy is crucial when it comes to ensuring that new and existing customers can find you. The property investment market is competitive, so you will need to be doing everything you can to ‘one up’ the competition.

However, whilst ensuring that you are positioned well on search engines is important, it is no easy task. So, how can property investment companies rank better for SEO? Here we share our top five tips on how to improve your SEO rankings on search engines with a view of driving more traffic to your site and making it easier to retain existing customers.

Keyword Targeting

Targeting relevant, high traffic keywords will make up the foundations for any successful SEO strategy. To start, you will first want to choose your primary and secondary keywords.

Your primary keyword, comprising your main targeted short or long-tail keyword, will be the core term you want to rank for and the main focus of your page. If you are trying to rank for your homepage, for example, you should choose a keyword or phrase that encompasses your businesses brand and/or the property services you are providing.

Your secondary keywords are used to support your primary keyword. You should use several of these, choosing keywords or phrases that are related to your primary keyword to capture customers searching for similar topics.

You should be setting primary and secondary keywords on all pages on your site you want customers to visit, including your blog posts. It is strongly recommended that you use third party SEO software, as you can accurately isolate keywords that are receiving more traffic or are less competitive (or both!).


In the property investment sector, your competitors will almost certainly be performing regular backlink analysis and undertaking a link building campaign. Backlinks, or external links leading to your site, are another important factor for successful SEO.

Your aim here is to secure backlinks from high domain sites. Websites that primarily receive high website traffic will have a high domain rating. Securing a backlink from one of these sites will help boost your own search rankings over time. Once again, SEO software will be essential in identifying these high-quality sites.

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There will often be a cost involved for a link placement, so you will need to have a budget in mind for how much you are willing to spend relative to the strength of the linking site. High quality content always has a chance of securing organic links, and as your site grows, you may find that other sites are willing to undertake a link exchange. This involves sending a link to each other, something that is beneficial for both parties.

Site Speed

A potentially easy fix here. Simply put, if the page you are trying to rank for loads too slowly, and this applies across your whole site, it will not rank well on Google. You will immediately be put at a disadvantage against your competition.

You will therefore want to remove anything that is making your site run too slow. Google’s Page Speed Insights is a free tool that can help you to identify where to improve your site speed by giving you a score out of 100. You can also check how you compare against your competitors.

Write quality original content

A fantastic way to drive traffic to your site is to produce high quality blog content. To increase your chances of a backlink and for customers to return to your site, you will want to ensure your content is original, engaging to read and reliably informs the reader. This will tie into your keyword targeting – making sure that the content you are producing if being searched for.

As part of Googles algorithm rankings, your content will be scanned, and this will partly determine where you rank for your target search queries. Aiming to ensure your content has a strong word count, has media such as images and videos – as well as other factors such as an optimised page title, meta description and URL will maximise your chances of content ranking well.

In the property investment market, being a reliable source of accurate information that helps to inform investors about common questions or to keep up to date in the market should help to ensure that investors continue to return to your site.

Improve existing content

Having put considerable time and energy into producing this high-quality keyword optimised content, that has received backlinks and managed to rank well on search engines, you will want to ensure it stays high in the search rankings. 

You may notice that your content ‘falls’ down the rankings as time goes by. As one of many ranking factors set by Google, new content is typically prioritised over older content on each topic, with the assumption that new content is more up to date.

A work around here is to simply update your old content. Make changes to your existing content to reflect any changes that have happened around the topic. Be sure to change the end of the title to [updated 2022], for example, as this will also give those scanning the search results peace of mind your content is up to date.

If you feel like you could benefit from some support with your SEO, we have a team of experienced copywriters and SEO experts that will maximise your chances of getting strong results on search engines. Get in touch with us here, we would love to hear from you.