Property Investment | How Effective are Regional Investment Guides?

If you are a marketer in the property investment sector, chances are you have seen a property investment guide, or more specifically, a regional investment guide. 

A regional investment guide showcases property investments your business is promoting or directly selling in different areas across the country. But how effective are regional investment guides, do they offer a good ROI? 

  1. Focus on higher growth areas 

Firstly, if you are not targeting high growth areas across the country, you should be. Whether this is capital growth or rental yields, certain areas in the UK have fantastic growth potential. A good example here is Manchester, a city that has already seen a 51 percent increase in property prices over the last decade, much higher than the UK average at just over 35 percent. 

The first major benefit therefore to presenting this data in a guide is that you can use it as a selling point. When selling property, you must back up what you are saying. If you can showcase the benefits in writing of past gains and forecasted growth, investors are far more likely to process the data as fact. Most investors like to visualise the data, if they have seen this before speaking to a salesperson, they are far more likely to convert to a sale.

  1. Showcase your offering

Another benefit to using a regional investment guide is that you can showcase your offering in an easy-to-read format. When an investor enquires for more information, a regional investment guide is the perfect tool to generate initial interest. 

Regional Investment Guide - Example

Investors can then visualise the properties the sales team are putting forward, making it easier for both parties to ‘be on the same page’ when discussing certain details about the investment properties. The additional benefit here is that the investor might see a different property than the one they initially enquired about!

  1. Use for lead generation

Many marketers also fail to fully utilise a guide’s true value, with the ability to leverage a regional investment guide in the form of a lead generation magnet. 

There are a couple of approaches you can take here, but one example is through a paid search campaign. By targeting key search phrases on Google for search terms related to your regional investment guide, for example ‘best places in the UK to invest in property’, you will begin to generate clicks from potentially interested buyers on your promoted search. 

To fully optimise for lead generation, this would link through to an attractive, SEO considered landing page that highlights a few of the key benefits to investing whilst leading the prospect to download the full guide. In return for the full investment guide, a customer must leave contact information (name, email address, location) and consent to the marketing list.

Not only can you promote the properties you are selling or promoting immediately, but you are also increasing the size of your marketing list to promote future investment deals or information.