Introduction to Email Marketing | Property Investment Lead Generation

Sending emails to prospective investors and current clients is the most important digital marketing technique for property investment agencies. If done successfully, prospects become clients, and one-time customers become repeat investors looking to diversify their portfolio, something that is key to success for any property investment company. 

What is an open rate?

Your email open rate is the percentage of people who open your email out of the total number of people it was sent to. You can consider this as one of several key metrics for how successful your email subject line is. The higher the open rate, the more effective it was.

What are email subject lines?

Email subject lines are the first thing a person sees from you in their inbox. The challenge is getting noticed with one line of text in an inbox that is full of other emails, all vying for your attention.

What’s more, your subject line must encapsulate the main message of your email. It’s important to write convincing subject lines that will encourage investors to open the email, but it must also reflect the content in the main body.

9 Tips for crafting powerful subject lines for property investment companies

  1. Be honest

Don’t trick the reader into opening your email only to discover it’s not what they were led to expect, this will lead to higher opt out and spam complaints, increasing your chances of future sends going to a recipient’s junk box.

For example, you shouldn’t use subject lines like:

“Generate £££’s OVERNIGHT with this ONE simple property investment hack!!!”

  1. Don’t use gimmicks

For the same reason as the above, writing the whole subject line in caps and too much punctuation might stand out in a crowded inbox, but it’s unprofessional. Use caps wisely, for example, to highlight the key message at the start of the subject line.

  1. Be conscious of numbers

People are naturally drawn to numbers. Whilst this will help sustain a healthy open rate, try not to abuse them. Once again using too many numbers in a subject line and preheader can increase the chances of your email being flagged as spam and going to the user’s junk inbox. You should use key figures such as price or yield to promote your message or offer as this will attract prospective investors, just don’t overdo it.

  1. Be succinct

You only have one line of text (under 90 characters), so make sure you are summing up your message in one sentence. Assume the preview text is disabled and give readers an idea of what your email is about in the subject line. Your client base of property investors will want to get right to the point, so inform them of the key information here. 

  1. Test your subject lines

A/B test your subject lines on a small sample of your subscriber base. See how investors react to different messaging and go with the subject line that gets the most opens in your main campaign. Consider this also for future sends.

  1. Be personal

Using personalisation tokens, such as name or location, creates a sense of rapport. You should have your CRM synced with your email marketing system, so try pulling in [FIRSTNAME] and test open rates for this. Using their name, followed by the main details of the investment offer in the subject line can boost your open rate.

  1. Be urgent

Create a sense that, if they don’t open your email now, they might miss out on something good. This is done by utilising verbs (doing words). This might be with respect to a limited number of units remaining, or a specific deal such as an offer of legal fees or furniture pack included if they reserve within the next 48 hours.

  1. Offer them something

Exclusive content or actionable tips that will genuinely help an investor will pique their interest. It’s not all about sell, sell and sell. Educate them further, it could be a market research article you’ve prepared that focuses on an upcoming market with great capital appreciation opportunity, or more advanced content based around diversification of their property portfolio.

  1. Use the right tone of voice

Your subject line should reflect the same tone of voice as your email body. If you’re a professional property investment company, don’t use slang or make inappropriate jokes to get noticed. Ensure your tone of voice matches your brand values, but don’t be too afraid to have a little fun – appropriate use of an emoji in a subject line has proven to increase open rates in the property sector.

5 examples of great email subject lines

Considering all the above, here are some proven subject lines in the property sector that get results:

  1. NEW LAUNCH | Manchester City Centre | Duplex 2 Bedroom Apartments from £240,000
  1. PRE-Launch Offer | 24 hours advance notice of our new [location] opportunities
  1. [name], for 24 hours access our 5 new [location] properties before they go online.
  1. NEW DEVELOPMENT LAUNCH for 2021 in [Location] | Find Out More 🏠
  1. For May only, 10 exclusive totally hands-off HMO properties in [location].