Case Study: Solomon

Midway through 2020 Solomon reached out to REMM when they needed to help with a wide range of marketing materials. The business was coping well with the COVID-19 climate, however, they wanted to place more of an emphasis on lead generation.

Client Objectives

  • To generate property investment enquiries through email marketing on new launch projects
  • To deliver consistency to core messages and USP’s for each stage of the development launch to investors
  • To identify, attract and secure a large audience in a range of overseas markets
  • To maximise ROI through a/b testing on digital marketing collateral and landing pages

Our Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Material
  • A/B Testing
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Market Research

We Delivered

  • 250+ Leads over 3 months
  • 32% Improve conversion
  • 4 Email creatives
  • 4 New overseas markets

The Project

After consulting with the client and devising clear objectives for the team, we set out on our way. We honed the campaign so that the email creative took the consumer on a journey, from the initial launch to phased stages of construction and completion.

As we expanded into overseas markets, the email collateral and landing pages were amended to reflect the demographics of the audience. Focusing on higher net worth individuals with investment based statistics being placed at the forefront.

The testing of various elements from colour schemes to buttons, subject lines to landing page forms – all of these and more were key to continually deliver investment enquiries at a low cost to the client.

As a result, conversion rates increased by as high as 32% delivering more than 250 leads across 14 different email creatives. The initial targets we set out as a team were exceeded and a successful project was delivered.