Welcome to Real Estate Marketing Media

We are a full-service property marketing agency covering the UK. Through a multitude of result-driven marketing activities, we thrive on developing meaningful relationships and long-lasting connections with your customers.

Although REMM itself is in its infancy, the teams experience spans over 50 years working with many various different clients within the property realm. Our marketing activities can be adapted to fit any requirements as we will work together to fully understand the scale of your project and set out clear deliverables from which you can achieve your business goals.

We know the value of properly executed marketing, and take the stress and hassle of trying to manage this yourself away from you. This leaves you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

In the current climate, we are not running our full range of marketing services. Our primary focus at present has been switched to helping tradespeople within the property industry through our REMM Trader Initiative.

If you’re interested in our full range of services and would like to know if we’re a good fit for your business, then please get in touch as we’d love to see if we could help. Whether it’s a website design or development hoardings, let’s chat about it over a coffee or a 15-minute zoom call.