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Five PR Tactics Property Brands Should Perform to Succeed

It’s a common misconception that PR is solely focused on creating and distributing press releases. According to recent findings by Cision, 42% of respondents ranked a press release as the most trustworthy type of PR content, so it’s not hard to see why this perception exists, but it is wholly inaccurate. 

While it’s true that this will form a fundamental part of any PR plan, offering opportunities to share positive company news, project updates and key milestones, this plays a minor role in a much bigger strategy, especially in the property sector. 

Several tactics prove essential within a communication strategy but are often overlooked. Our PR agency has highlighted five ways property businesses can seek to obtain external recognition and gain coverage for their brand.


The power of a roundtable event in B2B communications is huge for a companies public relations. Attendance and participation in roundtables help to open lines of communication, which build relationships with key experts and influencers and begin to attach authority to a brand by association. 

Often, these are highly competitive, sought-after spaces on panels, enabling company representatives to engage in topical issues, share best practices and converse with potential stakeholders, as well as having a presence alongside competitors. The outreach can create new links with leading industry thinkers, target media outlets, forge new partnerships that could help drive new opportunities and provide post-event coverage in key media channels and publications.


Awards act as authentic, third-party endorsements and are a fantastic addition to PR campaigns and marketing plans since they offer external recognition by public bodies that cannot be bought. While you’re always going to sing your company’s praises, it means much more to current and potential clients when recognition comes from an unbiased, well-respected trade organisation. 

Awards also boost brand awareness and increase credibility with stakeholders, supporting your PR efforts and furthers brand exposure that can translate into business growth. When done correctly, a successful award strategy can change the course of your businesses development and help to make you a formidable player within the property sector.

Individual Site Visits

Building long-standing relationships with the media is the foundation of any solid PR strategy, but in 2023, journalists are looking for more than a generic press release that also go out to their competitors. While these mass emails are important for sharing news and updates with relevant media outlets, a site visit is much more likely to encourage flourishing relationships with reporters. 

Site visits should form part of any PR campaign for property developers, contractors and estate agents, all of whom will be looking to impress their target audience of their work on schemes.

Inviting a journalist to witness the progress of a project first-hand, while also offering personalised meetings with key spokespeople, giving journalists the chance to report on something unique. This then builds rapport and favour with them, encouraging a positive write-up and helping to build brand awareness.

Personal Profile Building

It may be a cliche, but people sit at the very heart of businesses. People want to do business with other people, which is why faceless brands often fail or at least pale in comparison to their transparent competitors. That’s why great PR campaigns will seek to elevate personal profiles and brand mentions, as well as company ones.

Leadership teams are often focused on relationship-building and making connections to drive success. A public relations strategy should take a similar approach, tapping into the expertise and opinions of key spokespeople within the brand. This helps audiences to see the faces behind the business, which increases engagement potential. 

Community Engagement

Being actively involved in local events, charities pr campaigns or initiatives that align with your brand values is pivotal for property specialists, particularly developers and contractors. A strong level of community engagement solidifies a company’s brand reputation and public relations, as a responsible business, committed to delivering value in the areas it operates in.

Whether pledging financial support to local charities or offering time to deliver social-led projects, such as renovating recreational areas, ultimately community engagement should be prioritised as part of a PR strategy simply because it’s the right thing to do. Its role in increasing the reputation and trust of property professionals among a target audience is just a bonus. 

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