PR for Property Developers

The Importance of PR for Property Developers

Property development is an exciting and ambitious discipline that touches on every aspect of our world. Without it, we would be devoid of homes, shops, schools, hospitals and so much more.

Whether a developer’s specialism lies within the BTL property market, social and affordable housing, restoring heritage buildings or something else entirely, the role they play is integral to building the world we live in today. 

With this comes equal parts responsibility and opportunity, particularly in a crowded marketplace. With the property sector evolving and innovating at an unrivalled rate to other industries, developers must invest in their public relations functions to build awareness and credibility, and ultimately drive success.

Following on from our post about the importance of PR for construction companies, we take a closer look at the key benefits of a PR strategy for property developers.

The importance of PR

In some cases, property PR is still perceived as an optional business methodology within the real estate industry. It’s considered a desirable tactic with some merit, but not essential to the overall effectiveness and growth of a business.

This viewpoint could not be further from the truth, particularly in the real estate market in 2023, where reputation is tantamount to success.

Fundamentally, a property PR agency is used to increase awareness for developers and their schemes, aiding sales and marketing teams.

Good PR should indeed improve brand awareness and celebrate the obvious successes of a project, including planning decisions and the commencement and completion of works. 

However, a great property PR agency will also build brand trust and reliability with the desired audiences, while also positioning the team as industry experts.

Key PR tools and tactics to achieve this include sharing knowledge and expertise including best practice, discussing industry trends and engaging in wider conversations that demonstrate a desire to future-proof the sector.

Influencing key audiences

Without question, property development is saturated with companies constantly competing for business.

Public relations and marketing campaigns can help to differentiate your business practices from that of competitors in the property market, helping to reinforce a sense of credibility and reliability, and positioning your company as the best developer for the job.

By building a great PR and public relations strategy, developers can actively seek to positively influence stakeholders including landowners, investors, builders, planners, local government, sub-contractors, media and customers, encouraging them to support your developments.

PR for Property Developers

A strong and busy press office will position contractors as leaders in the industry, alongside their peers and competitors. For example, the built environment has a strong and active trade press, widely read by stakeholders, contractors, and the supply chain.

Businesses that engage with these publications are much more likely to be front of mind for their vast audiences. 

Navigating a challenging, crowded market

In 2023, developers are navigating an abundance of issues, including supply chain chaos, rising inflation, material shortages, legislative changes and a race to net zero. With this, the industry is subject to more scrutiny than ever before. 

The good news is strong PR can help a real estate company to manoeuvre these challenges. During economic slowdowns, opportunities are still present for developers to create awareness for their properties.

An experienced public relations agency will understand how to leverage these opportunities, creating news stories that will help to increase exposure for schemes and drive forward narratives that favour developers. 

What’s more, PR uses third-party advocacy to help developers stand out from their competition. It’s not enough for a company to simply state that it’s the best person for the job, they need to prove it. And what better way to do this than getting people from outside your organisation, such as customers, journalists and industry analysts, to state it on your behalf?

This remains a key component of any PR strategy.

At REMM, what sets us apart from other PR firms is we believe in providing results-driven PR. We are a digital marketing PR agency that will support your real estate public relations by creating and distributing company news and insights, enhancing your media relations programme and creating and developing sustainable relationships with key stakeholders in the real estate sector. 

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