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The Importance of PR for Construction Companies

Understanding the entire lifespan of a construction project is essential for those looking to successfully profile a contractor and its scheme. This involves walking contractors through the whole PR process from start to finish, and identifying a project’s potential press touch points. 

This approach helps ensure a contractor’s essential messages can be communicated throughout the entire lifespan of a project, reaching key audiences including stakeholders, supply chain partners, employees and the local community. 

Good PR will improve brand awareness and celebrate the successes of a project, including planning decisions and the commencement and completion of works. However, great PR will also build brand trust and reliability, while positioning the team behind the scheme as construction industry experts. 

Using a specialist construction PR agency will help build media relations, achieve your business objectives and improve your company’s search visibility. Your public relations is a vital part of your marketing activity and will maximise your chances of reaching potential customers.

Increasing brand awareness

Most contractors will engage with PR experts as a way of increasing awareness of their brand and service offerings. Key to achieving this is building relationships with key journalists in the national, regional and trade media, ensuring they are familiar with the company and its role in the market. 

Key PR tactics to explore are sharing company news and updates, including key project milestones such as planning decisions, work beginning and completing onsite, partner collaborations and tenancy agreements. 

Additionally, offering interviews with key spokespeople at a construction company helps to elevate the above, providing ample opportunities to disseminate key messaging and build media relationships. With this, it’s important to invest in media training for your team and key spokespeople to ensure they are comfortable, prepared and equipped to perform well during interviews.

Building trust and reputation

Whether you’re a contractor specialising in the BTR market, delivering pioneering social housing schemes or conserving historical buildings, your success is likely down to enhancing trust and reliability. Types of PR that achieve this include award wins, expert commentary in construction industry publications and trade magazines, and sharing knowledge with industry peers at events.

A strong and busy press office will look to position contractors as leaders in the construction sector, alongside their peers and competitors. For example, the built environment has a strong and active trade press, widely read by stakeholders, contractors, architects and the supply chain. Businesses that engage with these publications are much more likely to be front of mind for their target audience here.

PR Construction - Worker

Companies that create content and also push narratives, through thought leadership and industry commentary, are set up for further success. Engaging with topical issues, such as ESG, regeneration and placemaking help to build trust and establish that the client is an expert in the construction industry whilst actively hitting target audiences.

In 2023, contractors and construction brands are subject to more scrutiny than ever before, so creating and communicating a business narrative is a great way to share key messages and expertise, helping to increase a construction company’s reputation and reliability among relevant audiences.

Generating leads and building a customer base

Ultimately, public relations is an investment and the end goal is to generate leads for a contractor, enabling them to expand their business offering and become at the forefront of innovative construction projects. When done right, quality public relations supports this business objective, both directly and indirectly.

What’s more, other marketing disciplines, such as paid social media advertising and email marketing, can further support the lead generation aspect of a PR strategy. These provide opportunities to geo-target specific companies, websites and individuals who you know have a direct interest in your product or service, offering a strong chance of conversion success.

Without question, great PR and marketing comes with an abundance of benefits. It raises profiles in key areas and can position a brand as an ambitious and forward-thinking leader, committed to long-term and profitable success across the industry. Moreover, it can positively influence stakeholders including landowners, investors, builders, planners, local government, sub-contractors and customers, encouraging them to engage with a contractor’s product and services.

We believe in providing results-driven PR. We are a marketing agency that will support your construction PR by developing your press releases, enhancing your media relations programme and creating and developing sustainable relationships with key stakeholders in the construction sector. For more information or if you are interested in receiving a free media audit, please email