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Top Tips for Marketing Commercial Property

We have seen a shift in the way marketing in the commercial property sector is done over the past decade or so, this being particularly relevant over the past few years due to the adverse effects of the various lockdowns on both the economy and the inability to do in-person property viewings.

It is therefore important that you are doing everything you can to ensure your commercial property, from an off-plan development opportunity to an existing unit is being successfully marketed to the right audience. Below we share our top tips for marketing your commercial property to maximise your chances of achieving your marketing goals.

A modern approach to marketing

The major shift for commercial property marketing has been that the focus of your marketing efforts should be digital. A multi-channel approach is the new normal, and you must ensure you are successfully utilising the various channels available to you.

Perhaps the most important part of commercial property marketing is placed in your branding. Your brand plays a very important part of a customer’s first impression of your company. From your logo and use of colours to your tone of voice, a strong brand identity can define the success of your company.

A good example of strong branding can be seen in this co-working space below. Using inspiration from the building’s original heritage for use of marketing, a smart and eye-catching logo, combined with a tone of voice across the website that sets a confident tone represents this company in a positive way to visitors.

Commercial Property - Website

The strong website also helps to support the brand through use of a consistent colour scheme and an overall professional look.

Build and maintain a strong website

In fact, a strong website is another key component to giving yourself the best chance of standing out in this competitive market. Not only does a successful website clearly explain who you are and what you are offering to your target audience, but it can help to give you the edge over your competitors.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the aim of getting your website to rank strongly on search engines such as Google. From high quality blog posts to a keyword optimised website, a successful SEO strategy can help you to stand out from your competition and even rank above them on Google.

This is crucial as most people search for commercial property opportunities using search engines. You want to ensure you are well positioned to attract these engaged prospects when they are actively searching for what you offer.

On top of SEO, your website should also take advantage of the benefits of video marketing. When it comes to marketing commercial property, those interested in your offering want to see what the building looks like. Having a powerful video, or CGI video if off-plan that showcases the property in full will go a long way in capturing a customer’s attention. Additionally, incorporate a virtual tour where possible for added engagement.

Clear communication channels

Touching on your branding (and customer service), you need to ensure you are clear and consistent in the message you are getting across, as well as your offering, and you are making it as easy as possible to be contacted.

Social media remains a great way to engage with customers to showcase your commercial property. From co-working spaces to off-plan investments, updating socials regularly with relevant information and attractive images and videos of your commercial property will help with engagement.

By ensuring you are being active and engaging with both customers and other accounts in your niche is a great way to get additional exposure to your properties. Be timely with your responses and be consistent in your tone of voice.

Build your email database

Where possible, you should also be looking to build your email database. By encouraging site visitors to sign up to your database for exclusive offers or project updates, you have the benefit of regularly marketing to interested individuals or businesses about your property.

Commercial Property - London

Be sure to create attractive and easy to navigate email templates with clear call to actions to ensure you are maximising your chances of engagement. Additionally, you can run paid ads to encourage email sign ups and benefit from visitors this way. Just be sure that this advertisement is running through to an easy to navigate landing page that gives visitors a reason to sign up to your mailing list.

Consider PR support

The main benefit of a successful PR strategy is that it supports your other marketing efforts. From ensuring you are ranking well on Google when people search for topics surrounding your target keywords (SEO) to having quality content to share on your socials, strong PR can be extremely useful in the commercial property sector.

A PR firm is your most likely course of action, as they will have developed strong relationships with press in your niche. This does come at a cost however, and you will have to make sure it fits well into your marketing budget. Consider pitching to the local press about your property and they may share a piece offering you similar benefits at a more affordable price or even free.

Another benefit of PR support, and a particularly important aspect of commercial property marketing is that it helps to build trust whilst enhancing your reputation.


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