Property Investment | Top 5 Tips for Social Ads

Social media advertising is an essential tool for any marketer in the property investment sector. The ability to reach a targeted audience of new and existing customers instantly with your product or service offering is a great way to help achieve your marketing goals – whether this is brand awareness, website clicks or new leads

With organic reach becoming increasingly ineffective across all social platforms, paid social ads are necessary to reach a large audience on social media. But blindly approaching social media advertising without a plan of action can result in both a higher cost per lead (CPL) and lower quality leads. By following the below tips, we guarantee you will have more success when marketing property on social media. 

  1. Focus on the right platforms 

In the property sector, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is generally ill advised. Depending on the type of property investment you are selling, you may find higher (or lower) engagement rates depending on the social platform.  

For example, a letting agents may find higher engagement rates across Instagram and Facebook promoting new lets to tenants, whilst an investment firm may find higher engagement on LinkedIn targeting prospective investors.  

It is very important to know your audience. Selecting only those social platforms that your current and targeted audience are active on will prevent wasted ad spend. 

  1. Make sure your content is engaging

Engagement is an essential part of paid social. Having a promoted post that is worth engaging with will improve your conversion rate, from clicks to new leads. In the property sector, it is not as simple as running the prospect straight through to a purchase page – you must nurture the lead. 

Creating a relationship with the customer first will help to build trust. By offering an investment guide or brochure for them to browse, offering inside tips to ‘show off’ the companies property expertise and being open to questions will help secure a sale. 

  1. Targeting is essential

Touching on the first point, ensuring that you are targeting the right people for your offering is essential. The beauty of paid social ads is the ability to target a highly defined audience, due to the large quantity of users available. 

From age to location, understanding the target audience for your property offering is essential. Running some tests using a smaller proportion of your budget should help you determine which segments engage better. Keep testing here and think outside the box, when it comes to property investment, you don’t have to stay local!

  1. Run through to a landing page

In the property sector, marketers and salespeople alike cite social leads as being harder to convert than, say, email database leads. Whilst the CPL is likely to be lower than other lead generation methods, when operating within the property investment sector, good quality leads take priority over quantity. 

Running your social ad through to a separate landing page where a prospective customer can find out more about information about your property related product/service offering and complete a more detailed form will help improve lead quality and reduce bot traffic. 

  1. Combine paid search and social

Lastly, be sure to combine your social campaign with your paid search campaigns. In the property sector, a large percentage of customers use Google when buying or finding out more information about a property investment, so you want a strong presence here also. 

By running a retargeting campaign, you can promote your product/service to those that have already clicked on your ad campaign in an attempt recapture their interest.