Real Estate Marketing Media is a digital marketing agency that is results driven. Our focus is to develop meaningful, long lasting relationships with brands.



A brand is your identity. Assembled through a mixture of language, tone of voice, culture and design, your brand is one of the main reasons that a client or a buyer would choose you. Your brochure, your logo and your colours are the most powerful tools that you can utilise to influence and create strong foundations. 

We can help you stand out and thrive by developing your identity with the audience in mind. Whether that’s highlighted through a new glossy development brochure or the brand perception your client feels whilst choosing their next architectural firm. We specialise in delivering branding that connects with your customers and gives you the edge over potential competitors.

Website Design

Websites need to be built with your objectives and KPI’s at the forefront. Looking to convert more leads? Want to build brand presence? Or simply want to showcase your latest project? Our team of technical experts create engaging, optimised experiences across all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Why dedicate so much time, effort and cost to your latest property project if you’re not willing to give it the platform it deserves, presented in a way that your audience can easily digest and build a connection with. Would an artist dedicate so much effort to their latest artwork only to house it in a poorly lit gallery?

PR & Communications

Public Relations is a key strategic marketing activity within the property industry across all sectors from residential to commercial, industrial and land. We’re here to highlight the good news stories and maximise coverage – from site acquisition, all the way through to planning approval and milestone sales figures.

Media relations, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, link building and content marketing are some of the areas we cover. It’s important to have our expertise to maximise good news stories and minimise the impact of any negative press.

Lead Generation

Specialists in lead generation, the leads delivered to you will be fully engaged with your content and eager to learn more. Generated through a medium of your choice from either social media, PPC or email, we aim to deliver high-quality prospects that are engaged and connected with your brand. 

Our lead generation marketing campaigns operate on a CPL model across all digital marketing activity. Depending on the demographics of your target audience or the size and scale of your project, we are able to tailor solutions to fit any business needs.

Digital Marketing

We love and thrive off anything digital; it allows us to set up KPI’s, track goals, monitor performance and report to you on our amazing results across the full digital marketing mix. From data-driven SEO campaigns to organic social media marketing, your digital strategy needs to be consistent, representative of your brand and match your audience needs.

Whether your digital presence needs to be built from the ground up or you want to increase exposure with your existing efforts, we can work with your internal teams across all platforms and maximise performance. Our approach can be as hands-on as you want it to be.


Computer generated images are a critical part of property marketing collateral. Whether you’re an architect practice that requires visuals to go alongside a planning submission or a developer selling off-plan properties to owner-occupiers and investors, the credibility of a 3D image speaks volumes.

Our 3D Artists can take raw files and produce exquisite visuals to showcase your development. Services are available for all types of properties from residential to commercial. Through an integrated approach of understanding the customer audience, we are able to create both interior and exterior 3D visuals that connect with the consumer. Virtual tours, 3D floor plans and augmented reality are crucial in driving new business for you.

Photography & Videography

With the continued rise in demand for both professional photography and videography services over the past few years, investment firms, estate agents, architects and more are benefiting from this service. By offering both professional pictures and high-quality video, potential buyers get a greater sense of the property’s features, layout, and overall atmosphere, increasing conversions and giving you an advantage over your competition.

With over 10 years’ experience in real estate photography and videography, we know how to capture your property in a way that gets you more views and better conversions. Whether being promoted on your website, social media, or any other platform, we will ensure that your property, be it residential or commercial, is presented in the best possible way.