Specialist Commercial Property Marketing & Branding Services

Here at REMM, we have a team of marketing experts that have extensive experience of working with real estate developers and asset managers. We will ensure that your commercial property marketing is in front of the right audience of engaged commercial tenants.

From branding to PR support, working successfully alongside letting agents, we can ensure that your commercial property development, be it a rebrand or a new development is marketed successfully.

We know the market

When it comes to developing creative and original solutions for companies to stand out in this competitive marketplace, whether office, industrial or retail, our strategic approach sets us apart. We have widespread knowledge and experience of working with real estate developers and asset managers.

We form working partnerships with stakeholders or commercial developers to ensure that your commercial development stands out, with the aim of achieving full occupancy. Working with you through the development cycle, from renovating a building and attracting initial interest to the end goal of maximising occupancy, we will work with you to ensure your marketing perfectly aligns with your goals.

Our Commercial Property Marketing Services:


Web Design

PR & Communications

Lead Generation

Digital Marketing

Property CGI & Renders

How we achieve this

Your brand needs to have an immediate impact on your audience whilst remaining at the forefront of their mind. We take care to ensure that each step of the creative process connects your product with the consumer.

We take an approach that is built from the ground up. The marketing of your commercial property will be focused heavily on both the design and branding elements. From a website that captures a visitor’s interest and guides them to key areas of information through to powerful and consistent marketing collateral, a strategic approach that is insight-driven delivers powerful results for your company.

We will build your local and national press to ensure that when a prospective tenant is looking for a commercial premises, your development is the one that stands out from the rest. Both trust and a strong brand presence will ensure that tenants are more likely to work with you.

Let us help you achieve your marketing goals

We would love to learn more about your goals. We can develop a bespoke approach to ensure your company is achieving its marketing objectives.

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