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What will it include? An independent and expert assessment of your business looking at:

Branding & Website

Social Media


Media & Press Coverage

Competitor Analysis

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Are you driven to not just meet, but exceed the standards set by your competitors, steering your business towards unparalleled growth?

Embark on this transformative journey with our Free Marketing Health Check! As seasoned experts immersed in every facet of property marketing and media, ranging from meticulous brand development to cutting-edge digital marketing and influential public relations, we’re here to be the driving force behind your triumph.

What will it include?

Your Branding and Website

Uncover opportunities to enhance your visual identity and online presence, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.

Digital Presence

From social media strategies to search engine ranking, we'll dissect your online footprint to optimize your visibility and engagement.

Media and Press Coverage

Evaluate the impact of your current media presence and identify avenues for increased exposure and positive coverage.

Competitor Analysis

Gain strategic insights into your competitors' moves, allowing you to position your business advantageously in the market.​

Next Steps?

Our team will take a look at your whole marketing and media mix before jumping on a call with you to take you through our findings and recommend strategies to take your business up a level.

"We’ve worked with the guys at REMM for nearly 3 years now and they have been integral to our growth and success in that period. Their expertise within the property industry, coupled of course with the service they provide within digital marketing, have made them a perfect match for us."

Darren Gallagher | Managing Director | Elite Realty Invest

Claim Your Free Marketing Health Check

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