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Estate Agents Marketing | Top Tips on Winning Instructions

Attracting new instructions, this being through vendors, landlords or a healthy mix of both is the most important thing an estate agency must do to survive in this competitive market. Leads must ultimately trust that you are going to deliver a successful result for them, but how can this be achieved consistently?

Marketing is the most fundamental part of an estate agent’s business, so we have prepared a handful of quick tips that will give your estate agency a boost and win more instructions.

1. Focus on your brand

Your brand is your entity. A culmination of your language, tone of voice, design, and culture, your brand is much more than a colour scheme and a logo. Comprising the experience a customer has with your company; a strong brand lays down a foundation for success.

Your brand needs to therefore have an immediate impact, standing out from your competition. A smart website, a consistent tone of voice and visually striking marketing collateral will go a long way in gaining more instructions.

Additionally, you should be looking to maximise potential from your agencies for sale/let boards with striking visuals and clear call to actions, and explore additional branding opportunities, such as car wraps.

As an aside, don’t second guess yourself if one of your competitors are offering lower fees, a strong brand will ultimately prove to be of greater value in the long term. Focus on your branding, and whilst you should monitor your competitors offers, you shouldn’t obsess over them.

2. Be smart with your fees

Whilst a strong brand is crucial, you should also be striving to provide great value to a vendor or landlord. There are a few approaches you can take to position yourself as good value in the eyes of the customer.

One example is to offer different fee options. Offering a ‘basic package’ and a ‘premium package’, or however you wish to market this, will ease the customers mind that the fee is not only non-negotiable, but the basic package is offering them the lowest price possible from the offset.

You should also play to your strengths. What do you currently do better than your competitors, or could do better going forwards? An example here can be in the efficiency valuations are done. Being quicker than your competition is a USP that can help to justify your fee, reinforcing the focus your agency has on them as a client.

Above all, being transparent about how the fee is applied will also go a long way in securing the instruction.

3. Make the most of property portals

Most buyers and renters will start their property search using an online property portal due to both their ease of use, and the convenience they provide being accessible 24/7. With an estimated 77% of homebuyers starting their search using property portals and as few as 9% of buyers starting with high street agents, it has become more important than ever that you have a strong presence online.

Whilst there is a fee for your agency to use these portals, as well as a list of requirements you must satisfy, it is vital that you are not only advertising your listings on a handful of the popular portals, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, but you are also taking advantage of best practices to make sure your listing stands out.

Make sure to get great pictures of the interior and exterior of the property, whether that is done in-house or through a professional photography company. You should try and ensure that a property for sale or rent is free of clutter and that the interior is set out in a minimalist way to give buyers or renters a better idea of the space available. Be sure to also provide as much information as possible in the description.

Consider also upgrading to a premium listing if you see the value of the additional exposure as a sound financial investment. Treat each listing with the attention it deserves.

4. Use the right lead gen tactics

Using the right lead generation tactics is important for any estate agent. A great example is through use of a lead magnet.

Estate agents should be enticing prospective vendors and landlords to, often, subscribe to a mailing list in exchange for something in return. Whether this is a comprehensive location or top tips guide, or access to exclusive listings before they go live, using a lead magnet and subsequently building a mailing list is a fantastic way to generate repeat business.

To further your ability to attract leads, be sure to create some content rich, SEO friendly blog content to draw organic visitors to the lead magnet itself. Alternatively, a well optimised landing page with some carefully applied ad spend via search engines or through social media can get you visitors faster, at an expense.