Our work promoting the redevelopment of one of Manchester’s iconic buildings

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Our work promoting the redevelopment of one of Manchester’s iconic buildings

The Rylands building in Manchester, the former home to Debenhams for many years, and one of Manchester’s most recognisable buildings is being redeveloped. The iconic development is being converted into an exciting state-of-the-art office space, comprising retail and leisure facilities.

REMM was officially appointed to manage the marketing and PR for the ambitious scheme and in this case study, we will take you through the key elements and strategy behind our approach.

The Brief

Rejuvenate the iconic Rylands building with a holistic visual identity and marketing strategy. Beyond a simple logo, our emphasis is on establishing a compelling brand narrative.


Comprehensive Visual Identity

Beyond a mere logo, the visual identity encompasses a deep understanding of the Rylands brand, including a distinctive tone of voice and consistent treatment across all channels.


Central Hub: Website Excellence

The website stands as the central hub, seamlessly blending visually striking design with a practical and conversion-focused user experience. It serves as the primary platform for marketing, sales, and brand activities.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Utilising a range of assets, including a detailed marketing brochure, a dynamic Showreel Video, bespoke Keynote Slides, and strategic organic social media, the campaign engages diverse audiences, driving interest, leads, and revenue.


The Rylands project is dynamically shaping its identity and digital presence, with ongoing efforts focusing on a robust visual identity, continuous website enhancements, and engaging assets. Strategic social media initiatives and ongoing public relations efforts are actively contributing to fostering interest and positioning Rylands as an evolving landmark in Manchester.

Visual Identity

The visual identity serves as the foundation, encompassing more than just a logo or tagline. It includes a comprehensive understanding of the brand, establishing a tone of voice and treatment across all channels. Rylands, being an iconic building, required a careful and thoughtful approach to reinvention.


The website acts as the central hub for all marketing, sales, and brand activities. Developed after solidifying the visual identity, the website not only showcases the building's history and potential but combines stunning visual design with a practical and conversion-focused user experience.

Marketing Brochure

An extensive brochure was created to provide in-depth information about the development, covering the history, offerings for retail and office clients, CGIs, floor plans, and sustainability information. It complements the website and is available for download.

Organic Social

The organic social media strategy centered on engaging with the local community and those interested in the development. LinkedIn and Instagram were chosen as primary channels, reflecting the dual use of the building for both consumer/retail and office/business purposes.

Website Content & SEO

The website's content and SEO were prioritised for a well-rounded marketing and media campaign. The focus was not only on a visually appealing site but also on strong search engine rankings, usability, and lead conversion. Ongoing optimisation and content creation were implemented to maintain audience and search engine interest.


Media coverage played a crucial role in the marketing plan. Leveraging relationships with local and national press, industry publications, and built environment media, a consistent PR communication plan was developed. The rich content available, including development updates, CGI visualisations, and work in progress imagery, ensured wide coverage.

What we achieved for Rylands


Social Following Within 6 Months

1 %
Digital Marketing

Website Enquiries

1 %

PR Coverage

“We appointed Real Estate Marketing Media (REMM) to deliver the entire branding, marketing and ongoing media management for the development of the iconic Rylands building in Manchester. For AM alpha, it is a great honour to transform the former Debenhams building on Market Street into a new complex that equally preserves the authentic character and beauty of this building and re-energises it with a stunning new vision for the future. We are pleased with REMM’s service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Stephan Schmid
Senior Vice President at AM alpha

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