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Climbing New Heights of Charity: REMM’s First Hike up Snowdon for The Children’s Adventure Farm

In an exciting endeavour that marks the beginning of their charitable journey, REMM is set to embark on a challenging hike up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. What makes this hike even more special is that it’s not just about conquering a mountain; it’s about raising funds and support for a truly remarkable cause—the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT). 

The Journey Begins: REMM’s First Charity Work

With a passion for giving back to the community and contributing to social causes, the team at REMM decided it was time to take their first step into the world of charity work. They wanted to do something impactful, something that would resonate with the core values of their agency.

The Chosen Charity: The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT)

After careful consideration, REMM unanimously selected The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT) as their charity partner for the hike up Snowdon. CAFT is a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting children of all abilities, aged 17 and under, who have missed out on the normalities of childhood due to various challenging circumstances.

The needs of the children visiting CAFT are incredibly diverse and complex, ranging from severe physical and learning disabilities to sensory impairments, terminal illnesses, and children who have experienced trauma, bereavement, or abuse. For these children, a visit to CAFT provides an invaluable opportunity to forget their worries, have fun, laugh, and simply experience the joys of being children.

Hiking Towards Hope: Scaling Snowdon with a Purpose

On the chosen day of the hike, REMM will set their sights on the peak of Snowdon. With a team of enthusiastic participants, they’ll lace up their hiking boots and brace themselves for the challenging climb. 

The Power of Community: Making a Difference Together

The journey up Snowdon represents not just a physical challenge, but also a metaphorical ascent towards hope and positive change. With each person that joins their cause, REMM hopes to build a strong sense of community, all working towards a common goal of brightening the lives of the children at CAFT.

We’d love other property and construction-based companies to get involved with this challenge to help raise money for a truly remarkable cause. Not only that but it will be an opportunity to meet fellow industry professionals and enhance your network.

Get in touch with us to secure your spot and join us on Tuesday 29th August, as we embark on this inspiring adventure for a worthy cause.

You can donate by clicking here. Thank you for your support.